The Truth About Dental Sealants.

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A beautiful smile is a joy to behold, the smile frames the mouth, the mouth makes the face, and the face makes the person and affects their personality. With so much at stake, one only wonders why cosmetic dentistry is not the focus of every dental patient. Could it be that traditional dentistry has caused a change in human nature and our value systems? Could it be that we all are starting to admire teeth with black, silver, or gold metal plugs in them? We think not !!

Cosmetic dentistry means beautiful white natural-looking teeth. Teeth with no metal showing at any angle. In other words, teeth that look like if they are without fillings. Teeth without fillings? What a concept !! Hmmm, is that possible??

Well, the answer is yes, and the solution has been around now for about 20 years, with only a very few people aware of the method. The answer is dental sealants!!

Dental sealants are a way of preventing decay. They seal the way into the susceptible area of the tooth. Decay needs a place that is safely away from the actions of the tongue, a place unaffected by the cleaning foods that we eat, and , of course, a place inaccessible to the bristles and sweeping actions of the toothbrush.

Unfortunately for us, there is such a place on all most everyone’s back teeth. That place is the debris-catching pits and fissures in teeth. These unprotected pits and fissures are the real active cause of most decay. So much so, that we would estimate that 90% of first decays requiring fillings are started in one of these pits and or fissures.

At The Celebrity Smile Family Dentistry, we refer to these pit and fissure decays as “sealant decays” just like we call the decay found mostly in between the teeth as “flossing decays”. Both could have been prevented very easily with sealants and or flossing. (Important concept, “Brushing alone would NOT have stopped either one of these decays”). These pits and fissures go deep into the inner areas of the tooth. The bristles of the brush can not reach these depths, but decay bacteria can easily slide down into these deep areas. Once decay bacteria gets into these areas, it is just a matter of time and host resistance. Fluoridated water and fluorides in the toothpaste helps, but, for most deep pits and fissures, it’s just a matter of time.

We, dentists, know this, that’s why we take out our little pointed instruments called explorers and check these pits and fissures each time at your recall dental examination visit. We know that the odds are that sooner or later the pits and fissures will lose the battle with the decay bacteria. That is why we keep checking.

Sealants are the answer. Sealants have been proven by the ADA, to stop most pit and fissure decay at a rate of 98% success in BOTH adults and children.

So why haven’t sealants been widely advertised and promoted by dentists? The answer is quite simple and equally sad. The real reason is that “Insurance doesn’t pay for them”.

Insurance companies know that almost every person has teeth with pits and fissures, so a procedure that does not require shots or drilling, will be utilized by almost every insured person it covers. Therefore sealants are not, or rarely, a covered benefit. A right smart, money-saving, short-term ploy by the insurance company industry if you ask me. Why pay for something if you don’t have to? Unfortunately, most dental offices are sadly, “insurance-driven”, in this day and age’s economy.

Well, now you know one of dentistry’s best-kept secrets. ( I don’t know if you could find even one dentist’s own child, who had deep pits and fissures, without the dentist having placed sealants to protect them.)

Dental sealants can stop or prevent decay in teeth better than brushing alone! Dental sealants are the lowest cost of any procedure performed on a tooth in any dental office! Dental sealants can keep you and your child’s teeth beautiful and white, without black fillings. Remember a beautiful smile often turns into a beautiful open mouth laugh.

In the name of better dentistry,

The Celebrity Smile Family Dentistry

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