Dental Implant Dentists in Chino, CA

Missing teeth do not have to be the end of your smile! At our dental implant center, our dentists and team provide dental implants in Chino, California. This fixed restoration looks and feels like the real thing for a fully restored smile. Call (909) 627-8544 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Arthur Forrest or Dr. Ahmed Saad.

When it comes to replace missing or damaged teeth, there are not many options as well-suited to return your smile to full health and function as dental implants. Used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, implants are permanent, stable and long-lasting restorations.

The two main parts of a dental implant are the implant post and the restoration used to cap the implant post. Designed to replace the missing root of your tooth, the implant post is made of a biocompatible material, typically titanium, and is placed in your jawbone where it will integrate with your natural bone. This creates a permanent support for whatever restoration you decide is best for your smile. When you are replacing a single tooth, this implant restoration will likely be a simple dental crown that is attached to the implant post with an abutment to mimic a real tooth. If you are replacing more than one tooth, our dentists may recommend an implant-supported bridge or implant-supported denture instead. In any case, your restoration will be designed to fit your smile snugly for a comfortable, reliable and natural-looking restoration that can provide the same functionality as a natural tooth.

Receiving dental implants, regardless of your restoration choice, will require at least three visits with our dentists. The first visit is a consultation, during with our team will examine your smile and make a personalized treatment plan with your input and goals in mind. The next step is to place your implant post or posts. After those have healed, the third step is to fit and place your restoration. Feel free to ask any questions throughout your treatment. We will talk you through the entire implant process to make sure you stay informed about your care.

To learn more about dental implants and dental implant center, call Forrest Dental today and schedule your own consultation. We hope to see you soon!