Dentists in Chino, CA

We want you to enjoy your smile. To help make this dream a reality, Dr. Arthur Forrest and Dr. Ahmed Saad can offer dental veneers in Chino, California. This cosmetic treatment can be used to correct small flaws in your smile, such as gapped or chipped teeth. Schedule an appointment with our dentists today. Call Forrest Dental at (909) 627-8544.

Dental veneers, typically crafted from a stain-resistant porcelain to fit the color and translucency of natural enamel, are thin shells designed to cover the front of your tooth, masking minor imperfections and improving your smile’s overall appearance. Each veneer is custom designed to fit your tooth comfortably and beautifully. Once you have approved of the color, shape and placement of the veneer, it is bonded into place with a resin material, allowing us to transform your smile one tooth at a time.

Dental veneers may be just the treatment you are looking for to elevate your smile if you have noticed any of the following dental flaws:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Teeth that are worn from age or bruxism
  • Teeth that are the wrong shape or size
  • Teeth that are discolored or yellowed
  • Teeth that have been chipped or broken

Often, dental veneers only take one visit to our office to place, depending on the complexity of your treatment. Because of their convenient application and large cosmetic impact, veneers are a great choice when preparing for a special occasion, or simply if your are ready for a quick smile transformation.

You can learn more about dental veneers and the different cosmetic options our team offers by scheduling your cosmetic consultation with our dentists. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!